Sponsored theses

Ms Judith Seidel, PhD Thesis University College London 2015
Investigating patterns of T cell differentiation in the blood and skin of patients with melanoma

Dr Isioma Egbuniwe, PhD Thesis, Kings College London 2014
The function and modulation of
B and unconventional T cell subsets in cutaneous pathology

Dr. D. Sandhu, MD Thesis, London University 2014
A study of the delayed type hypersensitivity response to Varicella zoster virus antigen to investigate defects in cutaneous immunity in the elderly

Dr. E. Agius, PhD Thesis, London University 2010
The delayed type hypersensitivity response: a model for studying the defects in skin immunity in the old

Dr. N. Booth, PhD Thesis, University College London, 2010
The characterisation of human regulatory T cells in ageing and atopy.

Dr. K. Lacy, PhD Thesis, London University 2008
The effects of ageing on cutaneous immunity

Dr. J. Reed, PhD Thesis, London University, 2005
The Mantoux test: a model for tracking T cell differentiation in the skin during secondary immune challenge

Dr. P. Banerjee, MD Thesis, London University, 1999
Immune mechanisms in atopic eczema and the impact of therapy

Dr. C. Orteu, MD Thesis, London University, 1999
Regulation of cutaneous T cell apoptosis and its relevance to chronic inflammatory skin disease

Dr. X-J Xu, PhD Thesis, London University, 1998
Immune dysfunction in the skin in atopic dermatitis and its modulation by Chinese herbal therapy

Dr. C.C. Buckley, MD Thesis, Dublin 1995
FceRII/CD23 expression in aeroallergen patch test reactions in atopic dermatitis