Revisiting the role of B cells in skin immune surveillance.

Egbuniwe IU, Karagiannis SN, Nestle FO, Lacy KE.

Trends in Immunology 2015 Feb;36(2):102-11.


Whereas our understanding of the skin immune system has increased exponentially in recent years, the role of B cells in cutaneous immunity remains poorly defined. Recent studies have revealed the presence of B cells within lymphocytic infiltrates in chronic inflammatory skin diseases and cutaneous malignancies including melanoma, and have examined their functional significance in these settings. We review these findings and discuss them in the context of the current understanding of the role of B cells in normal skin physiology, as well as in both animal and human models of skin pathology. We integrate these findings into a model of cutaneous immunity wherein crosstalk between B cells and other skin-resident immune cells plays a central role in skin immune homeostasis.

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