Virgin London Marathon 2014

We are running again!

We are delighted to announce that we have six enthusiastic runners taking part in this year’s Virgin London Marathon, to raise funds on behalf of Dermatrust.

This year we welcome Alexandra Carre, Jake Coleman, Mike England, David Katznelson, Mike Pinna and Andrew Speller to ‘Team Dermatrust’.

This world famous marathon will be held on April 13th 2014 and we wish all of our runners a happy, safe and inspiring experience and would like to thank them in advance for their enthusiasm, huge effort and support.

To track the route the marathon will take please click here to visit the Virgin London Marathon 2014 interactive Google map:

We are delighted to introduce our runners for 2014:

Alexandra Carre

I’m 33 and work as a Business Analyst in Finance. The London 2014 Marathon will be my first marathon ever! The furthest I have run is a half marathon last year and also in 2011. I first started running to keep fit a few years ago and it soon became something that helped motivate me in all aspects of life and the more runners I meet the more inspired I become to continue with it. I enjoying running for charities as it’s a great way to raise awareness and to also inspire people. I’m pleased to be running on behalf of Dermatrust, a charity that funds ground-breaking scientific research into the treatment of skin diseases; they have been internationally recognised and awarded for their work.

Dr Mike England

I am a physician and Medical Director for Vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline.

For me running this Marathon is personal: my aunt had had a small round black mole on her nose and we always felt it was fabulous beauty spot even though she hated it. In 1990, when my Aunt was still in her 30s, it started bleeding and she decided to see her GP to get it removed, not because she was worried, but because she thought it was unattractive. The GP immediately spotted a problem and she was referred to the Christie Hospital in Manchester. The care here was excellent and they promptly excised an early Malignant Melanoma. We were devastated and the worry it caused my aunt and the family was incredible when we learned about the potential consequences of this terrible disease that we had never before heard of. Fortunately my aunt is well, still with us and living a great life, and we never heard from the Melanoma again but the spectre of worry it left us well after the surgery, which lasted years, was incredible. We were worried it had already spread and only recently have we begun to relax. Other people are not so lucky and Melanoma is just one of a series of skin conditions that can kill or reduce the quality of people’s lives and any research that tackles these important, and often ignored issues, is incredibly valuable and I am passionate about the cause of the Dermatrust . That is why I am running this Marathon. I am a novice Marathon runner but have been doing lots of smaller runs for some time. I have a training plan and everything is on track.

Andrew Speller

I am a 32 year-old London resident and veteran of one marathon after successfully (albeit painfully) completing the Amsterdam marathon in October 2013. Running a marathon was an ambition I had harboured for a long while and then, much like the proverbial London bus, two have come along almost at once. I will, however, resist the temptation to jump on the literal London bus and pledge to carry myself around the 26.2 mile course on my own two feet (hopefully in under four hours….).

As an accountant by day I jumped at the opportunity to get away from my desk and spend some hours running London’s streets in training for the city’s marathon. However, the cold and dark has quickly challenged this somewhat naïve enthusiasm, along with the consequent aches and pains (not to mention the frankly alarming noises emanating from my ankle…).  Still, I am confident it will all be worthwhile come 13 April.

To this end, I am delighted to be raising money for Dermatrust in the process. The work that Dermatrust conducts in helping to improve the treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions is invaluable and a most worthy cause of particular relevance to me.

David Katznelson

I am a cinematography graduate of The National Film & Television School in the UK. Prior to studying, I worked in the Danish film industry in Copenhagen where I grew up. I am just a bit thrilled to be able to say that I recently received an EMMY Award and an RTS Award for my work on the TV-series “Downton Abbey”. Before that, I won the BAFTA Best Cinematography Award for the TV film “Shoot the Messenger”.

For those of you interested in film and television, I have been very busy working on many film and TV projects over the last 15 years. Among my credits are: “Game of Thrones”, HBO; “In Fear”, a feature film for Film Four which was released in November; “Driving Lessons”, a feature film with Laura Linney, Julie Walters and Rupert Grint; the award winning Danish feature film “Hold Me Tight”; the MySpace feature film “Faintheart” with Eddie Marsan; the TV film “The Night Watch” for which I was nominated for the British Society of Cinematographers best cinematography award; the TV single drama “Miss Austen Regrets”; and the BAFTA Award winning feature length TV film “This Little Life” for BBC Films with Peter Mullan. I also co-directed and shot the feature documentary “Village at the End of the World”, set in a remote village in Greenland, which was released in May 2013.

I have run three Marathons in the past. First the London Marathon about 15 years ago, Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland about 8-9 years ago, and the same one again in October last year. I have climbed Mont Blanc, crossed the inland ice in Greenland on a four week expedition and paddled a kayak from Norway to Denmark.

I am delighted to be running the London Marathon this year on behalf of Dermatrust. My son has eczema, so it’s important to me to be able to support a charity which is close to my heart. Eczema is a distressing and uncomfortable skin condition which effects more than 10 per cent of all children at some point in their childhood and I feel that more research can be done to support people who suffer from it, or indeed any other skin disease.

More information about all of the runners taking part will be available soon but in the meantime we would welcome any donations to help them on their way.